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The Abominable Slowmen are Dr. Benjamin Janto of Pittsburgh, PA and Mr. Mikey Schott of Mountain View, CA. They create music through the use of musical instruments, computers, and the Internet. Dr. Janto is responsible for guitars and vocals. Mr. Schott takes care of keyboards and bass guitar and contributes vocals as well. They have previously recorded under the name Armageddon Action Figures, a band which also included one Mr. John Nidhiry who continues to help the boys with his ear for mixing. The aspirations of the band lie solely within the realm of recording, which is to say that they currently have no intention of mobilizing a live show.

Slowest Common Denominator is The Abominable Slowmen's debut album. It was recorded over a span of roughly six years. The album's title comes from a voting contest held among fans of the band, with the winning entry coming from Mr. Adam Rausch. Artwork for the album was done by Mr. Adam Lavoy. One hundred hard copies of the album are being produced and distributed by the band to people they think will actually want one.

The Abominable Slowmen may be contacted by sending electronic mail to They appreciate that you've stopped by their website and are, quite frankly, surprised that you've done so.